Adventures in the Creative Industries
Erikrvapresents podcast

Join me in discovering the career journey of Designers, Animators, Branding Experts, Sound Designers, Art Directors, Copywriters and everyone in between. Based here in Scotland, If you are interested in the Creative Industries or you are swimming in the soup already this is for you :)

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    Craig and the relentless pursuit of happiness

    The twists and turns in the life of one of the best designers and typographers in the UK. This is a story of hardship and achievements that culminate with him heading straight back from London to the small town of Gourock in Inverclyde where he services world class clients.

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    Finding your own voice, working yourself ill and keeping your priorities straight

    Alice Carnegie is an illustrator by night and a gallery assistant by day. She created the Girl Gang series of illustrations and was nominated for the Creativity Award by Creative Edinburgh at their 2016 ceremony for her Bubblegum exhibition. Alice has a strong visual style and a specific approach to illustrating and our chat explores her take on work and life.

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    Falling out at work, Twitter as a career staple and the chaos of going for it.

    Pablo Fernandez Clark is an Illustrator, Storyboard Artist, Comic Book Artist and Animator. He worked on some amazing projects in the Video Game industry, Netflix shows, award winning cinema ads and animated shorts. His work was published by BOOM!, Dark Horse and his next big project by Image Comics is coming out soon.

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    Running a game studio, winning a Scottish BAFTA and taming Dragons in the Den.

    Yann Seznec is an entrepreneur, a teacher and a musicians. In Edinburgh, he founded a game studio called Lucky Frame before going solo and focusing on his career as a Sound Artist. We go deep on what it takes to run an iOS game studio, winning a Scottish BAFTA and taming Dragons in the Den.

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    500 Fringe shows, harsh feedback and the Creative Edinburgh Awards shortlist

    With me today is Creative Edinburgh Director Yasmin Sulaiman. She takes me on a journey from freelance writer to Editor in Chief at The List through more than 500 Fringe shows watched and some harsh criticism she used as a way to improve her craft. Together, we then celebrate the community by announcing the shortlist for the Creative Edinburgh Awards 2018

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